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Demand Planning Segmentation & The Cutting Edge

Demand & Supply Planning Teams are typically structured in a way that mirrors Business Unit, Product, Channel or Customer.  Planners will commonly be divided up to manage brands, sales teams & regions.  This is all logical and creates natural synergy between individuals in Departments like Sales & Finance as well as Customer Contacts.

However, where Planning needs to cover enormous combinations & intersections of data challenging these traditional structures can provide efficiency and Forecast accuracy gains.  Consider organising your Planning Team, System & Process by the techniques required to create an accurate forecast.  Demand Volume can be Stable, Variable, Intermittent, Chaotic, Seasonal, Promoted, Phased…  So, instead of a team divided by Product & Customer consider a team where the planners specialise by Demand Segmentation such as Statistical or Previous Forecast, Horizon scope or the Methodology and effort required to obtain the desired accuracy.

Oracle Value Chain Planning and Demantra can be configured to help collect, organise, execute and maintain the segmented approaches whether they are traditional or more cutting edge.

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