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Payroll Control Center – FREE WEBINAR WITH Q&A

Payroll teams have a number of significant pressures to absorb. From legislative changes, management priorities, data anomalies and business information requests. The result is often falling payment accuracy, increased time spent on remedial work and decreasing confidence in the payroll run. Being able to identify errors quickly is imperative to drive efficiencies in modern payroll functions.

How to identify the needle in your haystack when the clock is ticking….

We’ve developed a fast, intuitive tool that gives you confidence that your payroll is accurate; that legislative obligations are met, and that variances in compensation can be identified quickly. We would like to introduce our unique Payroll Control Centre product.

Our Payroll Control Centre is an example of how we blend our domain expertise and Business Analytics skills to create technology solutions to solve real business problems.

For more details or to register – click here.