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Oracle User Adoption – UPK

Imparando Services: Introductionimparando

At Imparando we specialise in developing cost-effective and successful programmes for large user training projects.  Our leading methods focus on critical success factors that maximise ROI, such as ensuring that employees learn how to do their jobs using their company’s processes and systems. Our extensive team of highly skilled and experienced consultants develop high quality, consistent learning content using proven platforms such as Oracle UPK. This engaging content then flows into e-Learning titles, blended courses and context sensitive, in-application support designed to maximise employee proficiency and performance. In addition, our team includes some of Europe’s most experienced Tutor consultants. These specialists can help you implement an Oracle Tutor operating model that supports efficient development, editing and communication of business processes. We can support Process Workshops, capturing and updating the business processes in Tutor, and we can also train customers’ staff in Tutor Editing and Publishing. Add our Technical Services and you have everything needed for the most effective user- and business-focused training programmes. Individually or together, our services create a better climate for corporate education – a climate in which organisations and employees flourish. The following provides an outline of this capability.

UPK Services

Imparando provides a full range of supporting services for training projects. These include:

  • Proof of Concept
  • UPK Health Check
  • UPK Awareness and Planning Workshop
  • Project scoping and planning
  • UPK Developer Training
  • Standards and Best Practice Workshop
  • Content Authoring
  • Design and Development and Delivery of Blended Courses
  • Ad Hoc Consulting Services
  • UPK On-site Installation and Configuration
  • UPK Hosted Development Environments and Content Hosting
  • Knowledge Pathways Hosting
  • UPK, Tutor and Knowledge Pathways Technical Support

Technical Services

  • UPK On-site Installation and Configuration
  • UPK Hosted Development Environments and Content Hosting
  • Knowledge Pathways Hosting
  • UPK, Tutor and Knowledge Pathways Technical Support

UPK Health Check

This service has been designed for organisations that have been using UPK for some time.  The objective of the Health Check is to ensure that the Client is gaining maximum benefit from its investment in UPK and that it is correctly positioned to maintain this level of benefit or, preferably, increase it.

Every organisation uses UPK differently.  This means that every Health Check has to be individually tailored. The formulation of the Health Check is therefore a negotiated process, allowing the Client to select those elements that will be of most benefit.  Imparando will use its experience and expertise to guide the Client through this process, ensuring that it gets maximum benefit from the findings of our investigation.  Having customised the Health Check we will spend up to a day on site, gathering information from members of the organisation and reviewing content.  From this we will produce a report showing current status and suggest ways in which the Client might make improvements.

UPK Content Development and Developer Mentoring

For situations where the Client wishes to undertake content development with their own internal resources Imparando can provide a Certified UPK Implementation Consultant to continue the knowledge transfer to the Client UPK Developer Team. The activities will include:

  • Develop UPK Content as required (act as an additional developer on the team)
  • Provide help and guidance to the team
  • Assist with the definition and implementation of development processes
  • Review the work of other team members and provide constructive feedback

The Consultant will be working on-site for as long as is required to complete the development project.

Extended Developer Mentoring

To continue the knowledge transfer an experienced Imparando Consultant will visit the Client on one day per month for a period of 6 months to help with problems and questions that have arisen. As time permits the Consultant will also review content developed, provide feedback to the developers and instruction as required.

For further information download the Imparando services document or complete the contact form below.


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