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License Audit / Optimisation

WeblakeNymadLogoNymad is an Oracle Specialised Gold Partner and we excel in providing managed services and consultancy designed to reduce cost and complexity for our clients.

Our Gold Partner status enables us to stay close to Oracle Corporation to keep abreast of current thinking on licensing rules and we have strategic relationships at all levels to reinforce this. However, we also maintain independence and provide the best advice for our clients as we are not funded or targeted by Oracle for delivering license revenue.

The rationale behind our Oracle Optimisation Services is to ensure your compliance with Oracle licensing rules with the minimum deployment footprint required. This provides you with the confidence that your hardware and software is fully licensed, without building in unnecessary “headroom” with over licensing.

Oracle’s policy of charging for all licenses in use at point of audit, including those that may have been unknowingly deployed, can make for some eye wateringly large liabilities. As these come out of the blue there is rarely budget set aside, making the impact that much higher.

Ensuring your investment is optimised and licensed compliantly is extremely important. Nymad’s Oracle Optimisation Services include:


  • Oracle License Procurement
  • Oracle License Optimisation
  • Oracle License Baseline Audit
  • Oracle License SAM services
  • Oracle ULA & ELA Services

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