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Why are licence optimisation services failing to provide stated returns – or even worse storing up a problem for the future.

This is an area where I am hearing increasing dissatisfaction from most people I talk to.

The complaints tend to summarise into the following points:

• Not realising promised savings – and in fact finding additional cost
• Contract consolidation reduces commercial flexibility
• Changes elsewhere in the business have negated any gains

So what can you do about it?

Let’s look at each point in turn and understand the background factors that will impact a successful conclusion.

If you engage an organisation that makes its money from licence sales, are you surprised that they will try to make you buy more licences?

Consider engaging on a professional service basis where you are paying for time and expertise. Make it clear that any licence transaction will go through another route

If you work with a vendor to simply your life – expect there to be something in it for the vendor. Consolidating multiple contracts makes admin easier but it locks you in to the consolidated contract for longer than you may wish.

Work with an independent licensing expert to understand any potential downsides before you commit.

Never work in isolation with regards licences. Any number of business or infrastructure projects may have a bearing on what you are trying to do.

I always advocate starting from the application to understand what is required for licencing. What worked well last week may no longer be relevant based upon an IT virtualisation program or other large project.

Why not take 20 minutes to watch my video where I go into this in more detail

Anyhow, let me know if you agree or otherwise or how you are approaching SAM within your business.

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