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Data Quality

experian_data_quality_2crgb_1Your data is your most critical asset, and effectively managing its accuracy, accessibility and value is essential as you look to make stronger business decisions and higher returns.

Experian Data Quality is a leading supplier of data quality software that helps with a wide range of data challenges, such as:

  • Poor database accuracy
  • Manual data entry error
  • CRM/ERP integration effectiveness
  • Migration of legacy systems and databases
  • Limited customer insight
  • Acceleration of data dependant projects

Data quality solutions

Our solutions are the result of over 20 years of technology investment and integrate seamlessly in to your operational systems, giving you the confidence to trust your data when making critical business decisions.

Data capture

Ensure you collect and validate accurate name, address, email and phone information quickly and accurately from your web forms, call centres or other points of capture

Data cleansing

Struggling with ‘bad’ data? Keep your database records clean and effective with our bulk cleansing tools

Data enhancement

Enhance the data you collect or hold with a wide range of additional datasets, such as geo-demographic, suppression files and international address data

Experian Data Quality Platform

Revolutionise the way data dependant projects are delivered with our data management tools