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Category: Oracle Licensing & Audit

Lastest news and views from the Vertex Alliance Oracle Licensing & Audit Partner

Unlock the Potential of Disaster Recovery as a Service

Any downtime in today’s ‘always on’ business world can make or break a company and it’s surprising how many organisations just aren’t prepared, with 47% of companies not even testing their DR plans. Alternative, a leading B2B communications and data centre provider, in partnership with…

Why are licence optimisation services failing to provide stated returns – or even worse storing up a problem for the future.

This is an area where I am hearing increasing dissatisfaction from most people I talk to. The complaints tend to summarise into the following points: • Not realising promised savings – and in fact finding additional cost • Contract consolidation reduces commercial flexibility • Changes…

Welcome to the Vertex blog

Welcome to the Vertex Fusion Alliance blog, here you will find our experts posts relating to this subject. Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +44 208 464 8000 or by emailing – Many thanks,…