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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Fusion Integration

Cloud computing is a vision that is increasingly turning to reality for many companies. When moving to “The Cloud” one of the major concerns is integration and co-existence. With Fusion Financials Cloud Service integration requirements can easily be met with ADF Services, ADF Desktop Integration, File Based…

Fusion App’s Release 8 shows off iOS-7-inspired looks

Oracle has hinted it will soon bring the world a ‘skin editor’ for its Fusion applications. That’s ‘skin’ as in the look and feel for the applications, because as Oracle admits, the previous version of Fusion’s interface was a little too dependent on graphics. Thanks…

25th Anniversary of The World Wide Web

THE IDEA THAT CHANGED THE WORLD! The 25th anniversary of the world wide web will be celebrated around the globe TODAY! The milestone will mark a quarter of a century since it was first proposed in 1989 by British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee. For anybody…